Friday, November 19, 2010

Birthday :D

People drew me birthday cards! I made this blogpost to show everyone how popular I am how gosh darn happy I am about it *u*

Also that exhibition thing is on in the exchange at the moment, here's some photos

i drew some frames on this window. they appear to have thrown coffee into a frenzy of despair

here you can sort of see most of my paintings. I don't know much I like them, but they looked cute all together on the wall. Also visible, Lee's pregnant tree and the top half of Stephen's sexy sex picture.

Myself, Niamh, Lee and Stephen have our stuff hung in an artful swirl in the corner there. We managed to form a totally intentional narrative about murder, sex and death with them too. Go us.

Lou wrote a more in-depth post about the whole thing, so you can have a read of that if you're very curious.

So I'm old(er).

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