Friday, May 20, 2011

Cork Midsummer festival Launch Party and some other things


I was at the Cork MidSummer festival launch last night with Stephen - the people there were unbelievably lovely, and so a wonderful time was had by all. We did some drawing of the people there/graphic recording - and I even remembered to bring a camera with me for once. So here's a record of events:

(one with a person in it so you can tell it's quite tall and not drawn on an a4 sheet etc etc)

the 'mostly stephen' bit

the 'mostly JRH' bit


we were in a train with a blue window. post-production colour filters in real life.

We were unfeasibly excited at seeing our names in lights of any kind so Stephen photographed them. 

Erotic DIY shop window display.

Pretty great building.


Lovely pair of people from Cork Entertainment stopped and chatted to us while we were drawing and took a picture.

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