Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Painting on walls at Solstice.

Stuff I did at Solstice.

That says "wordplanger conmusement" It's a portmanteau which only Stephen Duignan can explain.

space astronaut man. the japanese says "Science and Friendship!!"

coffee. COFFEE.

This whale isn't really mine - It's more accurately things I did under Stephen's direction. Well here it is anyway, with a person to show that these are actually quite large.

Myself and Danielle collaborated on this one! I drew the buildings - they started life as a drawing in my sketchbook of the rooftops I could see from our apartment in Annecy. Danielle did the monsters and the text and came up with the whole fabulous idea. Oh and there I am, for scale. (and happiness)

COMING SOON: Other people's paintings, also done on walls.

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Patrick Semple said...

looks great. well done.